F-40 is unique due to its combination of radiation stability (its irradiation stability is 10 000 times higher than of PTFE (F-4) and high tensile strength, hardness and chemical stability to all corrosive fluids including boiling concentrated sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, hydroxides and many solvents. In contrast to PTFE it does not cold flow. Operating temperature range is from minus 100 to plus 200 oC. The properties and applications of F-40 are similar to those of Tefzel (Du Pont), Aflon (Asahi Glass), Hostaflon (Dyneon).

F-40 is produced under TU 301-05-17. Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company produced F-40 granules, films, suspensions and powder coatings.

Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company developed F-40AM with improved processability, it is commercially produced by OAO Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Combinat.

Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company has also developed the following new grades of F-40:

  • F-40SF contains ionic groups;
  • F-400 is optically transparent.

Comparison of the properties of new F-40 grades and usual fluoroplast is show in the table below.

Comparison of the properties of new F-40 grades and usual fluoroplast.



Radiation stability, rad.  




108   105  

Tensile strength, MPa






Relative elongation at break, %  


300-350 160-170   300-450   200-220  

Flexural modulus, MPa  


1300 1100   200-700  -

Exchange capacity in Н+-form, mg-equiv/g  


-- 0,6-0,8   0,8-0,9  

Light transmission factor



Not transparent   86-89  -



Изоляция проводов из Ф-40.F-40 is used in atomic and chemical industries, machine building, electric and electronic industries, aviation and cosmos.

It is very effective for

  • wire and cable insulation;

  • various parts of machines under high loads;

  • protective films, membranes, tubes and sheets for atomic stations.

New Applications of F-40

In foreign countries F-40 films are used in construction (roofing material), sewerage structures, wire and cable insulation, thermal insulation to cover sun batteries, to manufacture membranes. Aluminium or silver sprayed films are used for parabolic mirrors of sun collectors.

In Russia a new grade of F-40AM is used for protective shells of light ducts, insulation for subminiature wires. New grades are suitable for F-40SF - radiation resistant ion exchange membranes with higher mechanical strength.

F-400 - transparent tubes, films, light ducts.

Plastpolymer Joint Stock Company has developed F-40D and F-40DP special grades in the form of powder coatings and suspensions. They have antifriction properties and used to protect from corrosive fluids and radiation.

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